Monday, September 29, 2008

Creatively snacking, and missing meals

Never go shopping when you're hungry.  Ages-old wisdom we've all heard, and may of us try and abide by.  When we're hungry, who knows what may end up in our shopping baskets?  Did you really need sixteen different types of cookies?  Sure, you'd like something to snack upon with your tea (must buy more tea, too!), but maybe one variety might have been fine.  The biscotti, for example: not really tea cakes.  They might go better with coffee. (add coffee to the list--and flavoured creamers while you're at it)  It's a downward spiral.

It turns out, that the same thing can happen when you're creatively hungry.  Who'd a thunk it?  When you start to unleash your creative side, as I did with writing, suddenly and without warning you may end up trying to sample the store!  I'm craving photography!  I pulled out my old guitar, untouched for years.  Oh, can I do world design in SL?  Yes!  What else can I build?  And the list goes on.  And like shopping hungry, I ended up getting everything but what I went to the store to buy--I've forgotten to write!

I suppose there are worse things in life than being creatively gluttonous, but it's nice to differentiate between snacks and your meals.  I'd hate to fill up on potato chips and not have room for the steak.  They key seems to be moderation and creative synergy.  There's no reason you can't have the chips with the steak.  Music and writing can become song lyrics.  Writing stories and poems to accompany photographs can combine those arts easily enough.  It's a matter of identifying the entree from the side dishes, in your creative life. 


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